xmrm compilation tips

On this page you find some hints regarding the compilation of xmrm version 20.

The version 20 that you can download from http://www.cg.tuwien.ac.at/research/ca/mrm/xmrm.html does have compilation problems with more modern c++ compilers. It will not compile on Redhat 7.1 or Mandrake 8.0. The errors have been reported to the author and he will probably provide updates. For the moment you can use the updated source code:

The author recommends to use xform-086. Unfortunately this version is no longer available online. Even if you find an xform-086 somewhere you will probably not be able to use it with glibc2.1 and the license of xforms is not an open license. There is no source code available such that you can recompile it for glibc2.1.

The current version is xform-089. Do not try to use it xmrm will crash upon load. We have tested it with xform-088 and it works well. You can get xform-088 at:
ftp://ncmir.ucsd.edu/pub/xforms/linux-i386/elf/ or a local copy from this server:
Date: Tue Sep  4 22:27:11 CEST 2001