Professional Perl Programming

Chapter 1  Introduction
Chapter 2  Basic Concepts
Chapter 3  Scalars
Chapter 4  Operators
Chapter 5  Non-Scalar Data Types
Chapter 6  Structure, Flow, and Control
Chapter 7  Subroutines
Chapter 8  Scope and Visibility
Chapter 9  Using Modules
Chapter 10  Inside Modules and Packages
Chapter 11  Regular Expressions
Chapter 12  Input and Output With Filehandles
Chapter 13  Manipulating Files and Directories
Chapter 14  Command Line and Shell Interaction
Chapter 15  Terminal Input and Output
Chapter 16  Warnings and Errors
Chapter 17  Debugging
Chapter 18  Text Processing and Document Generation
Chapter 19  Object-Oriented Perl
Chapter 20  Inside Perl
Chapter 21  Integrating Perl with Other Programming Languages
Chapter 22  Creating and Managing Processes
Chapter 23  Networking with Perl
Chapter 24  Writing Portable Perl
Chapter 25  Unicode
Chapter 26  Locale and Internationalization

Appendix A  Command Line Options
Appendix B  Special Variables
Appendix C  Function Reference
Appendix D  Regular Expression Syntax
Appendix E  Standard Pragmatic Modules
Appendix F  Standard Functional Modules
Appendix I  Perl Resources
Appendix J  Support, Errata, and