======== celestia key bindings ========


Left drag to orient camera
Right drag to orbit the selected object
Use the mouse wheel to adjust distance to selection
    (for wheelless mice, dragging while holding left and right
    buttons or left dragfing while holding control to dolly camera
    will adjust distance)
Left drag while holding shift to zoom
Click the wheel to reset the field of view to 45 degrees
Left-click to select; double click to center selection
Right-click to bring up context menu


H  : Select the sun (Home)
C  : Center on selected object
G  : Goto selected object
F  : Follow selected object
Y  : Orbit the selected object at a rate synced to its rotation
T  : Track selected object (keep selected object centered in view)
HOME : Move closer to object
END  : Move farther from object
ESC  : Cancel motion or script
Left/Right Arrows : Roll Camera
Up / Down Arrows  : Change Camera Pitch

Space : stop time
L  : Time 10x faster
K  : Time 10x slower
J  : Reverse time

N  : Toggle planet and moon labels
B  : Toggle star labels
=  : Toggle constellation labels
V  : Toggle info text

U  : Toggle galaxy rendering
O  : Toggle planet orbits
/  : Toggle constellation diagrams
Ctrl+A : Toggle atmospheres
I  : Toggle cloud textures
Ctrl+L : Toggle night side planet maps (light pollution)
Ctrl+S : Toggle between textured and point stars
Ctrl+E : Toggle rendering of eclipse shadows
;  : Show an earth-based equatorial coordinate sphere
[  : Decrease limiting magnitude (fewer stars visible)
]  : Increase limiting magnitude (more stars visible)
{  : Decrease ambient illumination
}  : Increase ambient illumination
,  : Narrow field of view
.  : Widen field of view
W  : Toggle wireframe mode
Ctrl+P : Toggle per-pixel lighting (if supported)
Ctrl+V : Toggle vertex programs (if supported)
r R: lower or raise texture resolution

F1 : Stop 
F2 : Set velocity to 1 km/s
F3 : Set velocity to 1,000 km/s
F4 : Set velocity to speed of light
F5 : Set velocity to 1,000,000 km/s
F6 : Set velocity to 1 AU/s
F7 : Set velocity to 1 ly/s
A  : Increase velocity (exponentially)
Z  : Decrease velocity (exponentially)
Q  : Reverse direction
X  : Set movement direction toward center of screen

Number pad:
4  : Yaw left
6  : Yaw right
8  : Pitch down
2  : Pitch up
7  : Roll left
9  : Roll right
5  : Stop rotation

X axis : yaw
Y axis : pitch
L trigger : roll left
R trigger : roll right
Button 1 : slower
Button 2 : faster

D   : Run demo
F8  : Enable joystick
F10 : Capture image to file
`   : Show frames rendered per second
ENTER : Select a star or planet by typing its name