#	FVWM 2 initialization file
#	must be either ~/.fvwm2rc or /etc/X11/fvwm2/system.fvwm2rc
# Fonts - one for window titles, another for icons, and another for the menus
WindowFont	-adobe-helvetica-bold-r-*-*-12-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
IconFont	-adobe-helvetica-medium-r-*-*-*-120-*-*-*-*-*-*
MenuStyle black grey76 grey30 -adobe-helvetica-medium-r-*-*-*-120-*-*-*-*-*-* fvwm

# Module path and paths to the icons
# ModulePath is a colon-separated list, just like regular unix PATH
ModulePath /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fvwm2/
PixmapPath /usr/include/X11/pixmaps/:/usr/X11R6/icons/
IconPath /usr/include/X11/bitmaps/:/usr/local/icons/
*FvwmScriptPath /usr/X11/lib/X11/fvwm2/Scripts

# Set the default window colors. The syntax is:
# DefaultColors winforecolor winbackcolor titleforecolor titlebackcolor
# where:
# winbackcolor is the background (border) color of all windows,
# including the menu windows
# winforecolor is used for the menu text
# titlebackcolor is the background color used for title bars of
# non selected windows
# titleforecolor is the color of the title text of non selected windows
#DefaultColors Black #c3c3c3 #c3c3c3 grey51
#DefaultColors Black LightSkyBlue Black #c3c3c3

# Text and background color for the title bar of the active (selected) window
HilightColor Black #c5d5e5

# Text and background color for the title bar of sticky windows
#StickyColors grey51 #60c080

# You can also use the Style command to set the colors of individual
# title bars of some non-selected windows

Style "*" ForeColor Black
Style "*" BackColor #c3c3c3

#button styles for title bar buttons
#button order: 1 -------- 6 4 2
ButtonStyle All ActiveUp (-- Raised) Inactive (-- Raised) ActiveDown (-- Sunk)
ButtonStyle 1 MiniIcon
#ButtonStyle 1 Pixmap mini-bx2.xpm
#ButtonStyle 6 Default 4
ButtonStyle 6 Pixmap mini-ball.xpm
ButtonStyle 4 Default 2
#ButtonStyle 4 Pixmap mini-max1.xpm
ButtonStyle 2 Pixmap mini-cross.xpm


# Set up the major operating modes

GlobalOpts ClickToFocusDoesntPassClick, MouseFocusClickRaises

#whether to put decorations on dialog boxes etc.
Style "*" DecorateTransient

# Let's comment this out and be more UNIX-like :^)
Style "*" SloppyFocus
# If we use the FvwmTaskBar we don't need the icons :-)
# Style "..." Icon is also commented below.
Style "*" NoIcon
Style "*" MWMFunctions
Style "*" HintOverride
Style "*" MWMDecor
Style "*" MWMBorder
Style "*" BorderWidth 1
Style "*" HandleWidth 3

#moving windows: 1000 means all windows
OpaqueMoveSize 1000
EdgeScroll 100 100
EdgeResistance 10000 0

# RandomPlacement prevents user interaction while placing windows:
Style "*" RandomPlacement

#want to have windows de-iconified at current screen, not where they were #iconified! Used to be "StubbornIcons", now ...?
Style "*" StickyIcon

# NoPPosition instructs fvwm to ignore the PPosition field in window
# geometry hints. Emacs annoyingly sets PPosition to (0,0)!
Style "*" NoPPosition


# Set the desk top size in units of physical screen size
DeskTopSize 3x3		#pager size
#Scroll +100 +100	#set the initial position at the center
#Desk 0 4	#this sets the "desk" - not the "page"


# Set the decoration styles and window options
# Order is important!!!!
# If compatible styles are set for a single window in multiple Style
# commands, then the styles are ORed together. If conflicting styles
# are set, the last one specified is used.

# These commands should command before any menus or functions are defined,
# and before the internal pager is started.

# Default border and handle widths
#Style "*" BorderWidth 5, HandleWidth 5

#Display styles for particular applications

Style "Fvwm*"		NoTitle, Sticky, WindowListSkip
Style "Fvwm Pager"	StaysOnTop, NoHandles
Style "FvwmBanner"	StaysOnTop
Style "FvwmButtons"	NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, WindowListSkip, BorderWidth 5
Style "*clock"		StaysOnTop, NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, WindowListSkip
Style "xbiff"		NoTitle, Sticky, WindowListSkip
Style "xrus"		NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, WindowListSkip
Style "mount"		NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, StaysOnTop
# Some mini-icons for the title bar - the option is MiniIcon, not TitleIcon
Style "*" MiniIcon mini-x2.xpm
Style "*xterm*" MiniIcon mini-term.xpm
Style "rxvt" MiniIcon mini-term.xpm
Style "xcalc" MiniIcon mini-calc.xpm
Style "shell" MiniIcon mini-term.xpm
Style "xv" MiniIcon mini-xv.xpm
Style "Netscape" MiniIcon mini-nscape.xpm
Style "nedit"	MiniIcon mini-doc1.xpm
#Style "xmag" MiniIcon mini-zoom.xpm
#Style "textedit" MiniIcon mini-edit.xpm
#Style "tkps" MiniIcon mini-run.xpm
Style "Ghostview" MiniIcon mini-gv.xpm
Style "Xcolorsel" MiniIcon mini-colors.xpm
Style "IDL*" MiniIcon mini-zoom.xpm
#Style "xeyes" MiniIcon mini-eyes.xpm
Style "*fm*" MiniIcon mini-filemgr.xpm
Style "mount" MiniIcon mini-filemgr.xpm
# xman resource names
Style "topBox" MiniIcon mini-book1.xpm
Style "help" MiniIcon mini-book2.xpm
Style "manualBrowser" MiniIcon mini-book2.xpm
# xpaint resource names
#Style "xpaint" MiniIcon mini-paint.xpm
#Style "Canvas" MiniIcon mini-paint.xpm
#Style "fatbits" MiniIcon mini-paint.xpm
#Style "filebrowser" MiniIcon mini-paint.xpm

#Style "rxvt" Icon term.xpm
#Style "xterm" Icon xterm.xpm
#Style "Appointment" Icon datebook.xpm
#Style "xcalc" Icon Rcalc.xpm
#Style "xbiff" Icon mail1.xpm
#Style "xmh" Icon mail1.xpm, StartsOnDesk 2
#Style "xman"	 Icon xman.xpm
#Style "xvgr"	 Icon graphs.xpm
#Style "matlab"	 Icon math4.xpm
#Style "xmag"	 Icon mag_glass.xpm
#Style "xgraph"	 Icon graphs.xpm
#Style "xv" Icon xview.xpm
#Style "FvwmButtons" Icon toolbox.xpm
#Style "xconsole" Icon koala.xpm
#Style "xsession" Icon koala.xpm
#Style "textedit" Icon textedit.xpm
#Style "ghostview" Icon gv.xpm


# Stuff to do at start-up

AddToFunc "InitFunction"
#+ "I" Module FvwmButtons
+ "I" Module FvwmButtons MiniButtons
+ "I" Module FvwmPager 0 0
+							"I" Scroll +100 +100
#initialization: programs to run on start
+	"I"	Exec xsetroot -solid LightSkyBlue
+ "I" Exec oclock -geometry 40x25-0+0
+ "I" Exec rxvt -ls -geometry 80x25+0+50 -font 10x20 -title "shell"

AddToFunc "RestartFunction"
#+ "I" Module FvwmButtons
+ "I" Module FvwmButtons MiniButtons
+ "I" Module FvwmPager 0 0
+							"I" Scroll +100 +100


# Now define some handy complex functions

# This one moves and then raises the window if you drag the mouse,
# only raises the window if you click, or does a full maximize if
# you double click
AddToFunc "Move-or-Raise" "M" Move
+ "M" Raise
+ "C" Raise
+						"C" WindowShade 2
+ "D" Maximize 100 100

# This one moves and then lowers the window if you drag the mouse,
# only lowers the window if you click, or does a RaiseLower if you double
# click
AddToFunc "Move-or-Lower" "M" Move
+ "M" Lower
+ "C" Lower
+ "D" RaiseLower

# This one moves or (de)iconifies:
AddToFunc "Move-or-Iconify" "M" Move
+ "D" Iconify

# This one resizes and then raises the window if you drag the mouse,
# only raises the window if you click, or does a RaiseLower if you double
# click
AddToFunc "Resize-or-Raise" "M" Resize
+ "M" Raise
+ "C" Raise
+ "D" RaiseLower

AddToFunc "maximize_func" "M" Maximize 100 100
+	"M" Raise
+	"C"	Maximize 100 100
+ 	"D" Maximize 100 100
# This one gives the window focus and raises it
AddToFunc "Focus-and-Raise" "M" Raise
+			"M" Focus
#+ "M" Raise


# Now define the menus - defer bindings until later

# This is for the Start menu of the FvwmTaskBar

DestroyMenu "StartMenu"
AddToMenu "StartMenu"
#+ "Manual Pages %mini-book1.xpm%" Exec xman
#+ "Magnifying Glass %mini-zoom.xpm%" 	 Exec xmag
#+ "" Nop
+ "Accessories%mini-hammer.xpm%" Popup Accessories
+ "Shells%mini-term.xpm" Popup Shells
+ "Viewers%mini-doc.xpm%"		Popup Viewers
+ "Network apps %mini-x2.xpm%" Popup Network
+ "Editors %mini-edit.xpm%"		Popup	Editors
+ "Cyrillic stuff"	Popup Cyrillic
+ "Science"			Popup Science
+ "File Managers %mini-filemgr.xpm%" Popup Filemanagers
+ ""										Nop
+ "Games %mini-happy.xpm%" Popup Games
+ "Modules%mini-modules.xpm%"		Popup Module-Popup
+ "Refresh Screen %mini-ray.xpm%" Refresh
#+ "" Nop
#+ "Lock Screen %mini-lock.xpm%" Popup Screenlock
#+ "Screensaver %mini-display.xpm%" Popup Screensaver
+ "" Nop
#+ "" Nop
+ "Exit Fvwm2 %mini-stop.xpm%" Popup Quit-Verify

DestroyMenu "Shells"
AddToMenu "Shells"
+ "Local:"	Nop
+ "Xterm	(7x14 font)%mini-term.xpm%" 		Exec xterm -sb -sl 500 -j -ls -fn 7x14 -fb 7x14bold -title "Color xterm"
+ "Large Xterm	(10x20 font)%mini-term.xpm%" 	Exec xterm -sb -sl 500 -j -ls -fn 10x20
+ ""	Nop
+ "Rxvt	(7x14 font)%mini-term.xpm%"		Exec rxvt -font 7x14 -ls
+ "Rxvt (Courier)%mini-term.xpm%"		Exec rxvt -font "-adobe-courier-medium-r-normal--14-*-*-*-*-*-*-*" -ls
+ "Large Rxvt	(10x20 font)%mini-term.xpm%" 	Exec rxvt -font 10x20 -ls -geometry 80x25
+ ""	Nop
+ "Remote:"	Nop
+ ""	Nop
+ "Urania"	Exec rxvt -font  -cronyx-courier-medium-r-normal--17-*-*-*-*-*-koi8-r -T Urania -n Urania -e telnet urania.amtp.cam.ac.uk

DestroyMenu "Accessories"
AddToMenu "Accessories"
+ "Font viewer (xfontsel)%mini-font.xpm%" Exec xfontsel
+ "Manual pages%mini-book1.xpm%" Exec xman
+ "Magnifying glass%mini-zoom.xpm%" Exec xmag
+ "Oclock%mini-clock.xpm%" Exec oclock -geometry 40x25-0+0
+ "Running Processes (Top)%mini-run.xpm%"	Exec rxvt -font 7x14 -T Top -n Top -e top
+ "Mount.app" Exec Mount -n
+ "System load%mini-perf.xpm%" Exec xload
+ "Xclipboard%mini-clipboard.xpm%" Exec xclipboard
+ "Xclock%mini-clock.xpm%" Exec xclock
+ "gtkFind" Exec gtkfind
+ "Xkill" Exec xkill
+ "Edit .fvwm2rc" Exec nedit_client -noask ~/.fvwm2rc

DestroyMenu "Editors"
AddToMenu "Editors"
+ "---text---"	Nop
+ "Notepad" Exec gnp
+ "Nedit%mini-doc1.xpm%" 			Exec nedit_client -noask
+ "Emacs%mini-edit.xpm%" Exec emacs -geometry 82x34+0+0
#+ "GXedit%mini-edit.xpm%" 	Exec gxedit
+ "---graphics---"		Nop
+ "Xfig%mini-xfig.xpm%" Exec xfig
+ "GIMP%mini-camera.xpm%" Exec gimp
#+ "Xpaint%mini-paint.xpm%"	Exec xpaint

DestroyMenu "Viewers"
AddToMenu "Viewers"
+ "- picture:" Nop
+ "GQview"	Exec gqview
+ "GTKsee%view.xpm%" Exec gtksee
+ "Xv%mini-xv.xpm%"		Exec xv
+ "- PostScript:" Nop
+ "Ghostview%mini-gv.xpm%"	Exec ghostview
+ "Mgv"	Exec mgv
+ "gv"	Exec gv
+ "- other:" Nop
+ "Xdvi" Exec xdvi
+ "Xpdf%mini-pdf.xpm%" Exec xpdf
+ "Acrobat" Exec acroread

DestroyMenu "Games"
AddToMenu "Games"
+ "GTK-balls%small_cyan_ball.xpm%" Exec /usr/local/games/gtkballs
+ "xsokoban" Exec /usr/local/games/xsokoban

DestroyMenu "Science"
AddToMenu "Science"
+ "Gnuplot%mini-zoom.xpm%" Exec xterm -T "Gnuplot" -name Gnuplot -fn 7x14 -e gnuplot
+ "Xfractint%mini-fractal.xpm%"	Exec xterm -font 7x14 -e xfractint map=chroma

DestroyMenu "Cyrillic"
AddToMenu "Cyrillic"
+ "keyboard switcher"	Exec xrus
+ "rxvt with koi8-r%mini-term.xpm%"	Exec rxvt -fn "-cronyx-courier-medium-r-normal--17-*-*-*-*-*-koi8-r" -ls -T koi8-rxvt
+ "rxvt with 1251%mini-term.xpm%"	Exec rxvt -fn 1251-9x15 -ls -T 1251-rxvt

DestroyMenu "Network"
AddToMenu "Network"
+ "NcFTP" Exec rxvt -name NcFtp -T FTP -ls -fn 7x14 -e ncftp
+ "WxFTP%mini-ftp.xpm%"	Exec wxftp
+ "Netscape%mini-nscape.xpm%"	Exec nsopen
+ "ICQ" Exec gtkicq
+ "Pine%mini-mail.xpm%" 	Exec rxvt -name Mail -T Mail -ls -fn 7x14 -e pine -i
+ "Lynx" Exec rxvt -geometry 70x24 -font 10x20 -title lynx -e lynx
+ "Dial up PPP" 	Exec ppp on 
+ "Hang up PPP"		Exec ppp off

DestroyMenu "Filemanagers"
AddToMenu "Filemanagers"
+ "TkDesk%mini-desktop.xpm%"	Exec tkdesk
#+ "Xfilemanager%mini-filemgr.xpm%" Exec xfilemanager
#+ "Xfm%mini-filemgr.xpm%"	Exec xfm
+ "mc (text)" Exec rxvt -font 7x14 -title Commander -e mc
+ "mc (Tk)" Exec tkmc
# This menu is invoked as a sub-menu - it allows you to quit,
# restart, or switch to another WM.
DestroyMenu "Quit-Verify"
AddToMenu "Quit-Verify"	"Really quit?" Title
+ "Restart fvwm2%mini-turn.xpm%"	Restart fvwm2
+ "" 					Nop
+ "Choose carefully:" 					Nop
+ "" 					Nop
+ "Yes, really quit X session%mini-exclam.xpm%" Quit
+ "" 					Nop
+ "No, don't quit" 					Nop
+ "" 					Nop
#+ "Start WindowMaker%mini-exp.xpm%"		Restart wmaker

# Provides a list of modules to fire off
DestroyMenu "Module-Popup"
AddToMenu "Module-Popup"
+ "Audio"	Module FvwmAudio
+ "Backer"	Module FvwmBacker
+ "Cpp" Module FvwmCpp
+ "Form" Module FvwmForm
+ "GoodStuff" Module FvwmGoodStuff
+ "Scroll" Module FvwmScroll
+ "Cascade" Module FvwmCascade
+ "Tile" Module FvwmTile
+ "IconMan" Module FvwmIconMan
+ "IconBox" Module FvwmIconBox
+ "" Nop
+ "Banner %mini-fvwm.xpm%" Module FvwmBanner
+ "Button Bar%mini-ball.xpm%"		Module FvwmButtons
+ "Button Bar (Mini)%mini-ball.xpm%"	Module FvwmButtons MiniButtons
#+ "Clean-Up%mini-pencil.xpm%" Module FvwmClean
+ "Configure%mini-hammer.xpm%" Module FvwmConfig
#+ "Debug%mini-bug2.xpm%"		Module FvwmDebug
+ "Identify%mini-question.xpm%"		Module FvwmIdent
+ "Save Desktop%mini-desktop.xpm%"	Module FvwmSaveDesk
+ "Pager%mini-pager.xpm%"		Module FvwmPager 0 0
+ "Wharf" Module FvwmWharf
+ "TaskBar" Module FvwmTaskBar
+ "Window List%mini-windows.xpm%"	Module FvwmWinList
+ "Talk to fvwm2%mini-exclam.xpm%"		Module FvwmTalk

# This defines the common window operations
DestroyMenu "Window-Ops"
AddToMenu "Window-Ops" "Window Ops	Alt-F2" Title
+ "&Move	Alt-F5%mini-move.xpm%" Function Move-or-Raise
+ "&Resize	Alt-F6%mini-resize.xpm%" Function Resize-or-Raise
+ "R&aise	Alt-F1%mini-raise.xpm%" Raise
+ "&Lower	Alt-F3%mini-lower.xpm%" Lower
+ "(De)Iconify	Alt-F9" Iconify
+ "(Un)Stick	Alt-F11" Stick
+ "(Un)Maximize	Alt-F7%mini-max1.xpm%" Function maximize_func
+ "(Un)S&hade	Alt-F8"		WindowShade
+ "" Nop
+ "Kill	Alt-F12%mini-bomb.xpm%" Destroy
+ "&Close	Alt-F4%mini-cross.xpm%" Delete
+ "" Nop
+ "Switch to...	Ctrl-Esc" WindowList
+ "Refresh Screen%mini-ray.xpm%" Refresh

# A trimmed down version of "Window Ops", good for binding to decorations
AddToMenu "Window-Ops2" "&Restore" Iconify -1
+ "&Move" Move-or-Raise
+ "&Size" Resize-or-Raise
+ "R&aise"	Raise
+ "&Lower"	Lower
+ "Mi&nimize" Iconify 1
+ "Ma&ximize" Maximize 100 100
+ "S&hade -"		WindowShade
+ "" Nop
+ "S&witch to..."	 WindowList
+ "&Kill" Destroy
+ "&Close	Alt+F4" Delete


# One more complex function - couldn't be defined earlier because it used
# pop-up menus
# This creates the "system" menu for the title-bar window-ops
# pop-up
AddToFunc "window_ops_func" "C" PopUp Window-Ops
+ "M" PopUp Window-Ops
+ "D" Delete


# Mouse bindings

# First, for the mouse in the root window
# I use the AnyModifier (A) option for the modifier field, so you can hold down
# any shift-control-whatever combination

# Button	Context Modifi 	Function
Mouse 3		R 	A	Menu "StartMenu" Nop
Mouse 2		R 	A	Menu "Window-Ops" Nop
Mouse 1		R	A	WindowList
#Mouse 3	R 	A	Module "winlist" FvwmWinList transient

# Now the title bar buttons
# Any mouse button in the left title-bar button gives the window ops menu
# First or second mouse button in the first right title-bar button Iconifies the window; third button shades the window
# First mouse button in the second title-bar button full-maximizes, second button maximizes vertically, third button horizontally
# First or second mouse button in the third title-bar button closes the window, third button kills it
# Note the use of "Mouse 0" for AnyButton and the weird enumeration of title bar buttons (1			6 4 2).

# Button	Context Modif 	Function
Mouse	0 	1	A	Function "window_ops_func"
Mouse	1 	2	A	Close
Mouse	3	2	A	Destroy	
#Mouse	0 	4	A	Maximize 100 100
Mouse	1	4	A	Maximize 100 100
Mouse	2	4	A	Maximize 0 100
Mouse	3	4	A	Maximize 100 0
Mouse	1 	6	A	Iconify
Mouse	2 	6	A	Iconify
Mouse	3 	6	A	WindowShade

# Now the rest of the frame
# Here I invoke my complex functions for Move-or-lower, Move-or-raise,
# and Resize-or-Raise.
# Button 1 in the corner pieces or sides, without any modifiers, gives resize or raise
Mouse 1		FS	N	Function "Resize-or-Raise"
# Button 1 in the title, sides, or icon, w/ any modifiers, gives move or raise
Mouse 1		TI	A	Function "Move-or-Raise"
# Button 1 in the sides or frame with shift gives move or raise
Mouse	1	FS	S	Function "Move-or-Raise"

# Button 1 in an icons gives move for a drag, de-iconify for a double-click,
# nothing for a single click
# Button 2 in an icon, w/ any modifiers, gives de-iconify
Mouse 1		I	A	Function "Move-or-Iconify"
Mouse 2		I	A	Iconify
Mouse 3		I	A	Function "window_ops_func"

# Button 2 in the corners, sides, or title-bar gives the window ops menu
Mouse 2		FST	A	Function "window_ops_func"

# Button 3 anywhere in the decoration (except the title-bar buttons)
# does a raise-lower
Mouse 3		TSF	A	RaiseLower

# Button 3 in the window, with the alt key,
# gives Move. Used to use control here, but that interferes with xterm
Mouse 1 W M Move-or-Raise
Mouse 2 W M Move-or-Lower
Mouse 3 W M Move


# Now some keyboard shortcuts.
#window modifiers: R - root window, A - any window
#key modifiers: A - any, C - Ctrl, M - Alt, S - Shift, N - no key 
# Arrow Keys
# press page + Ctrl-Alt anywhere to scroll by 1 page
#Key Home	A	CS	Scroll -100 0
#Key	 End	A	CS	Scroll +100 +0
#Key Prior	A	CS	Scroll +0 -100
#Key Next	A	CS	Scroll +0 +100
Key Left	A	CM	Scroll -100 0
Key	Right	A	CM	Scroll +100 +0
Key Up		A	CM	Scroll +0 -100
Key Down	A	CM	Scroll +0 +100

# press arrow + Ctrl-shift to scroll by 1/10 of a page
Key Left	A	CS	Scroll -10 +0
Key Right	A	CS	Scroll +10 +0
Key Up		A	CS	Scroll +0 -10
Key Down	A	CS	Scroll +0 +10

# press shift Alt arrow + control anywhere, and move the pointer by 1% of a page
Key Left	A	SMC	CursorMove -1 0
Key Right	A	SMC	CursorMove +1 +0
Key Up		A	SMC	CursorMove +0 -1
Key Down	A	SMC	CursorMove +0 +1

# press shift arrow + meta key, and move the pointer by 1/10 of a page
Key Left	A	SM	CursorMove -10 +0
Key Right	A	SM	CursorMove +10 +0
Key Up		A	SM	CursorMove +0 -10
Key Down	A	SM	CursorMove +0 +10

# Keyboard accelerators
Key F1		A	M	Raise
Key F2		A	M	Popup "Window-Ops"
Key F3		A	M	Lower
Key F4		A	M	Close
Key F5		A	M	Move
Key F6		A	M	Resize
Key F7		A	M	Maximize 100 100
Key F8		A	M	WindowShade
Key F9		A	M	Iconify
Key F11		A	M	Stick
Key F12		A	M	Destroy

#Page Up/Page Down keys are used to scroll by one desktop page
# in any context, press page up/down + control
# in root context, just pressing page up/down is OK
# I prefer the non-wrapping scroll. These are for example purposes only
#Key Next	A C Scroll 100000 0
#Key Next	R N Scroll 100000 0
#Key Prior	A C Scroll -100000 0
#Key Prior	R N Scroll -100000 0

Key Tab A M Prev Focus-and-Raise
Key Tab A MS FlipFocus

Key Escape A C WindowList

#make use of the "Windows 95" keys
Key Meta_R	A	A	WindowList
Key Menu	A	A	Popup StartMenu
#Key Meta_L	A	A	Menu "Window-Ops" Nop
Key Meta_L	A	A	Popup Window-Ops

# Definitions used by the modules

#------------------ Pager
*FvwmPagerBack DeepSkyBlue3
*FvwmPagerFore black
*FvwmPagerFont -adobe-helvetica-bold-r-*-*-10-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
*FvwmPagerHilight #c3c3c3
*FvwmPagerGeometry -3-23
*FvwmPagerLabel 0 desk
*FvwmPagerSmallFont 5x8

#------------------ FvwmButtons
*FvwmButtonsFore Black
*FvwmButtonsBack #c3c3c3
*FvwmButtonsFont -adobe-helvetica-bold-r-*-*-10-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
# Geometry - really likes to pick its own size, but giving a position is OK
*FvwmButtonsGeometry -5-5
# Layout: specify rows or columns, not both
*FvwmButtonsRows 1

# Define the buttons to use.....
*FvwmButtons xclock clock.xpm exec "xclock" Exec xclock -bg \#c3c3c3 -geometry -1500-1500 -padding 0
#*GoodStuff xcmap NULL Swallow "xcmap" xcmap -geometry -1500-1500
*FvwmButtons (2x1) load NULL Swallow "xload" Exec nice -16 xload -nolabel -bg grey60 -update 5 -geometry -1500-1500
*FvwmButtons Netscape nscape.xpm Exec "Netscape" netscape
*FvwmButtons xterm rterm.xpm Exec "Color xterm" xterm -ls -sb -fn 7x14 -title "Color xterm"
#*FvwmButtons xfm Xfm.xpm Exec "Xfm" xfm -title "File Manager"
*FvwmButtons nedit textedit.xpm Exec "Textedit" nedit_client -noask
*FvwmButtons xcalc rcalc.xpm Exec "Calculator" xcalc
#*FvwmButtons xv xv.xpm Exec "xv" xv
#*FvwmButtons ghostview gv.xpm Exec "ghostview" ghostview
#*FvwmButtons netscape nscape.xpm Exec "Netscape" netscape -geometry 920x650+90+5
*FvwmButtons kill rbomb.xpm Destroy
#*FvwmButtons (2x1) - whatever SwallowModule Exec "Desktop" FvwmPager 0 0
*FvwmButtons (2x1, Swallow(UseOld) "Desktop" 'FvwmPager 0 0')

#------------------ MiniButtons

Style "MiniButtons" NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, StaysOnTop, WindowListSkip, BorderWidth 0

*MiniButtonsFore Black
*MiniButtonsBack #c0c0c0
*MiniButtonsFont -adobe-helvetica-bold-r-*-*-10-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
*MiniButtonsGeometry -2-2
*MiniButtonsRows 1
*MiniButtonsPadding 1 1

*MiniButtons - mini-display.xpm Exec "shell" rxvt -ls -geometry 70x20 -font 10x20 -title "shell"
*MiniButtons - mini-nscape.xpm Exec "Netscape" netscape -geometry 790x543+0+0
*MiniButtons - mini-doc1.xpm Exec "Untitled" nedit_client -noask
*MiniButtons - mini-bomb.xpm Destroy

#------------------ Identify
*FvwmIdentBack #000080
*FvwmIdentFore Yellow
*FvwmIdentFont -adobe-helvetica-medium-r-*-*-12-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

#------------------ FvwmWinList
*FvwmWinListBack #c3c3c3
*FvwmWinListFore Black
*FvwmWinListFont -adobe-helvetica-bold-r-*-*-10-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
*FvwmWinListAction Click1 Iconify -1,Focus
*FvwmWinListAction Click2 Iconify
*FvwmWinListAction Click3 Module "FvwmIdent" FvwmIdent
*FvwmWinListGeometry +0-1